Stuck in the Middle

As a child, I had always been instructed to study hard. As an adult, I am expected to work hard, earn a living and have a good life. Even though I have always painted within the lines on life’s canvas, I fight every day to hold on to what was once known as the “American Dream.” Far right representatives have created an unreachable glass ceiling. One that leaves hardworking American’s finding themselves stuck in the middle. Its times we elect candidates who respect and represent the colors of life.
Sharon Tucker

Government Shutdown


Day 16 of a Government Shutdown and finally a bill has been agreed upon. As I watch the television and see the sea of white shirt and dark ties leave, I cannot help but wonder why? Why did we have to come to this place in our government, a place where we embarrass ourselves for selfish pride? Is “Obama Care” that problematic that we are willing to take down the United States? Was it too much to ask our Congress to consider the people of the United States? We voted for Representatives that would set budgets and build our economy. In exchange for the votes cast at the ballot box we received individuals willing to allow our government to fail.

The need to vote in qualified candidates has never become more important. Help STOP the insanity.

Indiana Democrats – 2013










Merry Christmas!

IMAG0904[1] Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Election Results – 4th place

Council At large (vote for three)

√Roy Buskirk* (R)…78,971

√William Brown (R)…76,354

√Robert Armstrong* (R)…76,455

Sharon Tucker (D)…56,517

Gina Burgess (D)…53,961

Dennis Sprunger (D)…51,851

Ticket splitting: Statewide, Hoosiers show their independence, electing Republicans for governor and attorney general but Democrats for state schools chief and U.S. senator. But in Allen County, Republicans sweep county and legislative races, defeating, among others, the well-qualified Democratic County Council candidate Sharon Tucker. – Journal Gazette 11/8/12

Although confident, Brown said he had to campaign and work hard. He expected his Democratic challenger, Sharon Tucker, to be a contender, noting that she too, had a lot of support and worked hard in the election. – Journal Gazette 11/7/12
Although I was not elected I still consider myself a winner! I had a great time meeting people and gain a huge support group. I am excited, ready for the next race!

Endorsed by the Journal Gazette

“Tucker, 40, is a newcomer to politics but is the most impressive of all the candidates. She is an office manager at 1st Source Insurance who is also close to earning a bachelor’s degree from Indiana Tech with a double major in human resources and management and business administration.

She is running the best campaign for County Council by a Democrat in years. It is difficult not to be impressed by how she has successfully managed to juggle a full-time job, college course work (while maintaining a 3.8 GPA) as well as running the most active and competitive campaign of any of the council candidates from either party.

Her in-depth understanding of issues facing county government and the specific role County Council plays in budget oversight is striking.

Additionally, her voice would add some much-needed diversity.”

An EXTREME honor!


Campaign Parades!

No campaign is complete without its fair share of parades. Team Tucker has taken part in a large number of them this summer. Starting with Waynedale and ending with Grabill we have walked miles and shaken hundreds of hands. I think I am chanting “DONT BE A SUCKER VOTE TUCKER” in my sleep. I have enjoyed every parade and each one has had a different benefit. My all time favorite part is the smile on kids faces as you fill their bags with candy!


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Saturday August 11th – Campaign Fest

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What a full day of campaigning, starting with an Appreciation Pancake Breakfast given by the Allen County Democrat Party and ending with a Meet & Greet hosted by Joann Sandlin, we keep working to get out the vote.

The Allen County Democrats welcomed more than 50 poll workers and voters to say Thank You with a Pancake breakfast. It was exciting to feel the energy and set the stage for November 6th. Candidates in attendance were Joe Donnelly, Kevin Boyd, Tom Keen, Mike Wilber, Win Moses, Gina Burgess, Denny Sprunger and myself.

After enjoying the breakfast, Congressman Joe Donnelly (candidate for Senate) and I went to Indiana’s NAACP Education Summit. Here we listened to the unbalance of education and discipline on African-American kids, more specifically our young men. I was sad to hear that some educators are still finding it difficult to related to kids of diversity.

Next campaign stop was the South Side Fest which was COMPLETELY FUN! This fest is a free event for the community and was well attended. Kids were able to enjoy bouncy houses, free hair do’s and hair cuts, along with watching free talent shows. I personally enjoyed watching the kids run around and have fun, seeing their smiles made it worth my time.

Ending the evening I spent time with my new friends at a Meet and Greet at Pizza Hut, where we talked politics and kids. A busy day but well worth it!

Saturday Campaigning Tour 7/28/12

Super Saturday Canvassing

On Saturday, July 21st 2012, 5 democrat candidates teamed up to get out the vote. We delivered information to over 3,000 homes in the Aboite Township area. Tom Keen, Kevin Boyd, John Good, Denny Sprunger and I worked hard to help spread the importance of voting in November. I am especially grateful for those who gave up a large portion of their Saturday to help with this cause.

Remember victory in November can only happen when we work together and VOTE!


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